Sunday, April 3, 2011

Battle: Los Angeles The game

I liked Battle:Los Angeles the movie. I liked it enough to watch it twice in the theatre. I heard that a game tie-in was released and as it was only like 1.2 gb I downloaded it(with my new 2mbps connection :3).

The game's length was lesser than that of the movie (must be the first time in the history of movie tie-ins) and it was so bad that it was fun to laugh at. I'm guessing that the budget was abysmally low. I've seen budget shooters from Cit Interactive that play way better than this one.

It looks decent.
The "story" is told using some poorly drawn 2D comic panels and are animated in a hilarous way. They look like an animated storyboard. The voice acting was also terrible. The soldiers keeps shouting the same 4 lines repeatedly during combat .The weapons(only 3 totally) handle weirdly. There is no recoil and it feels like a game from the late 90s.

The graphics were surprisingly good(relatively) for such a crappy game. This game had one of the best looking fire effects i've seen in-game. Sadly all the effort was wasted. The devs could have used their time to add an extra hour(that's how long it lasts) or so to some other game instead of making this.